A Trusted Financial Advisor

Our mission is to be the trusted financial advisor for all aspects of our clients' financial lives. In so doing, we take the time to develop a complete understanding of each client's financial goals and aspirations, their individual circumstances, and their investment objectives and concerns. With that information, we help our clients make smart investment decisions and keep them focused on their intended path to a secure financial future. We work closely with our clients using a consultative process to help them grow and protect their wealth with cost efficiency and reliability.


As a fully independent financial advisor, we are not restricted to any financial institution, product or service, and we work exclusively for the benefit of our clients.

The philosophy that guides our investment management can be best described as " passive asset class portfolio investing", a low-cost model of investing based not upon speculation but on the science of capital markets. This is in contrast to the more common "active management" approach in which traditional investment managers strive to beat the market by attempting to predict the direction of markets and the future performance of stocks and secutites, often futile and costly efforts. We believe that investing is a matter of identifying the financial risks that bear compensation and choosing how much of these risks to take. In so doing, we use institutional mutual funds to build truly diversified investment portfolios to capture the financial returns provided by capital markets worldwide -- We look forward to discussing with you how we can become your trusted financial advisor.


About Us

  • Working with the team at PKS Investment Advisors is described by many clients through a single word...."Unique." This description is born from those clients’ who have not only engaged PKS Investment Advisors for financial planning, but have taken the opportunity to employ the tax advisors in our affiliated firm, PKS & Co, PA to integrate their tax planning with their financial plans. We have experiences that this “dovetailing” of services helps provide an efficiency to a client’s overall financial picture.


    John M. Stern, Jr.

    CPA/PFS, Member of PKS Investment Advisors LLC

    jstern@pkscpa.com 410-546-5600

    A 1970 graduate of Loyola College with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. John has over 40 years experience in accounting and taxation. Twenty-five years as partner with PKS & Company, Certified Public Accounting, overseeing tax and financial planning for businesses and individuals . John started his career in Baltimore with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (KPMG) working with both public and privately held companies. John has also owned and operated private industry businesses, all of which have been successfully sold. Over the past 25 years, John has gained extensive experience in financial planning with privately owned and family operated businesses. He volunteers on the Board of several local non-profit organizations including the Community Foundation, and he is a member of the Salisbury Rotary, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants.

    Timothy A. Gonzales

    AAMS®, CFP, Advisor of PKS Investment Advisors LLC

    tgonzales@pkscpa.com 410-546-5600

    Tim is a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Asset Management Specialist through the College for Financial Planning. As an Advisor for PKS Investment Advisors, Tim specializes in Investment Planning and Retirement Income Planning. Tim is pleased to be truly independent of any brokerage company, and maintains a fiduciary (legal) duty to his clients’ best interests. An active member of the community, Tim serves on the board for the Fruitland Chamber of Commerce, and on the board for Crimesolvers of the Lower Eastern Shore. Tim holds FINRA series 7, & 66 licenses in addition to insurance licenses for life and health.

    Gigi LeKites

    Advisor of PKS Investment Advisors LLC

    glekites@pkscpa.com 410-213-7185

    Gigi is a 1996 graduate of Salisbury University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Since joining PKS Investment Advisors, she has gained experience in financial planning and portfolio management with a concentration in the 401(k) industry. As an advisor with PKS Investment Advisors, Gigi assists the advisors in investing and rebalancing portfolios, meeting clients’ service needs, and acting as a liaison for the advisors. Gigi holds a FINRA series 65 and insurance licenses in life and health.

    Daniel M. O’Connell II

    CPA/PFS, CVA, Partner, PKS Investment Advisors LLC

    doconnell@pkscpa.com 410-546-5600

    A graduate of Salisbury University, Dan has over 18 years experience in accounting, auditing, taxation and financial planning. In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant, he is a Personal Financial Specialist and a Certified Valuation Analyst. With his experience and certifications Dan specializes in providing services to 1) small & middle-market businesses by providing accounting, tax and business valuation services 2) the healthcare industry including financial, operational and management consulting services, 3) the legal community though providing litigation support services, and 4) individuals by providing personal financial planning.

    He is a member of: the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants, the Delaware Society of Certified Public Accountants, the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts, the Institute of Business Appraisers, the Financial Planning Association and the Medical Group Managers Association.

  • dreamstime 7898991Established in 1999, PKS Investment Advisors LLC is an independent registered investment advisor. As such, the firm represents the interests of its clients and not that of a brokerage firm or insurance company. The firm is affiliated with PKS & Company PA., one of the largest and most respected Certified Public Accounting firms serving its clients on Delmarva since 1978. This relationship enables PKS Investment Advisors to extend the income tax and estate planning services of the C.P.A. firm to its clients under one roof. It is the core belief of both PKS Investment Advisors and PKS & Company that the coordination between your financial plans and your tax plans benefits clients with a service truly unique to financial planning.

  • philosophyThe majority of individual investors, through stock brokers or on their own, pick stocks and/or mutual funds that are expected to outperform the market averages. In so doing, the question of what and when to buy and when to sell is a constant issue, and it is difficult to maintain an investment discipline particularly during market downturns.

    We believe there is a better way to a good investment experience, one that will enable you to achieve the premium returns that world capital markets provide over the long term.

    Our investment philosophy and approach is perhaps best defined by what it is not: stock picking and market timing, which are costly efforts put forth by brokers and money managers in their attempt to "beat the market."  Instead, our investment philosophy is based upon Modern Portfolio Theory, an academic effort that won a Nobel Prize and that has become the fiduciary standard for trust investment management. MPT essentially states the following: 1) that securities markets are highly efficient at incorporating new information into security prices, thereby making it extremely difficult to exploit market anomalies; 2) that risk and expected return are related, so that riskier assets produce higher expected returns as compensation for taking greater risk; and 3) that diversification is the best means to manage portfolio risk, enabling the investor to add higher-risk, low-correlating asset classes to a portfolio to reduce volatility and increase expected rates of return.

    We insure that our clients' investment portfolios are well diversified by using institutional, asset-class portfolios that contain 1) large company stocks and small cap stocks, 2) growth stocks and value stocks, 3) U.S. and international stocks (developed and emerging markets), 4) bonds with short to intermediate-term maturities and inflation-protected bonds, and 5) hard assets such as securitized real estate and commodities.  Where appropriate to fulfill income and cash flow needs, we often include structured annuities in the investment program.

    We look forward to an opportunity to meet with you to further describe how our investment approach has performed and, more importantly, how it can work to better ensure that you reach your financial goals.

    The BAM ALLIANCE is a community of more than 130 independent wealth management firms located throughout the United States — united in belief and in practice that there is a better, more effective, and more resilient way for investors and their families to safeguard their financial futures and realize their dreams.

    Dimensional Fund Advisors
    DFA implements our recommended passive investment approach via funds designed to capture market "dimensions" in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner.

    Schwab Institutional
    Schwab Institutional is custodian to accounts we manage on your behalf. While you grant us Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to execute transactions on your behalf, accounts are held in your name.

    Fidelity Investments
    Fidelity Investments is custodian to accounts we manage on your behalf. While you grant us Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to execute transactions on your behalf, accounts are held in your name.

    TD Ameritrade
    Providing brokerage services since 1975.

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Latest Thinking

Behavior Gap

  • Investor returns over time are diminished by trying to buy and sell stocks and time the market.
  • Investors prefer to buy investments when the markets is doing well…and sell investments when the market is falling, i.e., buying high and selling low.
  • “Overconfidence is a very serious problem for investors. If you don’t think if affects you, that’s probably because you’re overconfident.” Carl Richards
  • Searching for the best investments is a waste of time. And your time is far more valuable than the next great investment.
  • That magazine IS NOT your financial advisor.
  • “…believe it or not, the ability to build and protect wealth is often inversely related to knowing what’s going on in the market.” Monitoring market moves, watching stock market shows on CNBC and poring over financial forecasts takes a lot of time. Worse, it makes people anxious—and anxious people often screw up.
  • “Financial plans are worthless, but the process of financial planning is vital. “ Carl Richards
  • “ You have only so much time and energy….limit your attention to things that meet two criteria- they matter to you and you can influence them.” Carl Richards
  • These conversations are about broad issues, like trust, happiness, and the definition of “enough”; and specific issues, like the definition of risk and fundamental assumptions about the stock market.”


Your Plan


Your Plan

Among our key goals as your investment advisor is to focus your attention on your investment plan, and less on market volatility that can cause you to lose sight of the discipline required to achieve your real goals. Our initial meetings with you include analysis of your financial situation as well as a discovery of your values, goals and relationships. We use what we learn to draft your written Investment Policy Statement, which guides us and you in structuring your portfolio.

Our Methodology


Our Methodology

For managing your financial portfolio, we offer a prudent approach based on our fiduciary relationship with you as your trusted investment advisor.

Fiduciary duty is generally considered the highest legal duty one party can have to another. As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we have a legal responsibility to always act in your best interests - and we take that responsibility very seriously.

We apply a passive investment approach, tailoring your portfolio's level of risk (and its expected returns) according to your personal preferences, goals and circumstances. In addition to seeking broad global diversification according to the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory, we assist with appropriate asset location between taxable versus tax-advantaged accounts.

Distinct Services


Distinct Services

Our constant objective is to help you meet your long-term financial goals. Our array of services provides a platform from which to grow. These include: maintaining globally diversified investment portfolios; building customized bond portfolios for fixed income investors; planning for retirement and other major life events; managing qualified retirement plan assets; and meeting risk management needs through appropriate insurance applications.



Q: Who do you serve?

A: We provide our services to individuals, families, businesses, trusts, partnerships, not-for-profit organizations and retirement plans who wish to pursue long-term goals based on our strategic approach to managing wealth.

Q: Describe your broad services.

A: We conduct initial and ongoing deep discovery, to determine clients' financial needs in relation to their unique values; goals; personal, professional and institutional relationships; assets; and interests. We then form a far-reaching plan to achieve those goals. We gather expertise - or we are prepared to work with existing alliances - to ensure that each component within the strategy is carefully executed and seamlessly integrated to serve the overall purpose.

Q: How much does it cost to hold initial planning meetings with your firm?

A: There is no cost for our initial Discovery and Investment Plan meetings. We feel it's time well spent to first get to know one another - before we seek mutual commitment and before we begin charging a fee.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: We provide fee-only investment management, with our fees based on a percentage of your assets that we manage. We feel that such an approach best aligns our interests with yours, helping us meet our fiduciary obligation as a Registered Investment Advisor firm. The fee covers all aspects of our service including financial planning consultations in addition to the investment management. Our fees are tier-based with breakpoints at which your fees decrease on additional assets. In addition, we take a family approach to investing. Aggregating assets to determine your fees (while still managing each portfolio according to its distinct policies) enables favorable rates for your immediate family.





SWAN Retirement Income Strategy

An acronym for "Sleep Well At Night," SWAN, is a safe, low -risk investment strategy specifically designed to meet the income needs of those people approaching or in retirement. SWAN Retirement Income Strategy addresses the greatest question facing retirees today; "Will my money last for the rest of my life?" Based around academics from noted schools of business and finance, the strategy clearly illustrates to each client the highest sustainable income they can expect from their assets throughout their retirement life. SWAN uses a combination of fixed annuities and a well diversified investment portfolio designed to deliver the client a guaranteed income stream coupled with asset growth to combat inflation over an extended retirement.

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