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Welcome to PKS Investment Advisors LLC

We are an independent investment advisor and financial planner located on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware, and affiliated with the Certified Public Accounting firm, PKS & Company, P.A.  PKS manages investment portfolios for individuals, qualified retirement plans, trusts, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. 

Our mission is to be the trusted financial advisor for all aspects of our clients' financial lives.  In so doing, we take the time to develop a complete understanding of each client's financial goals and aspirations, their individual circumstances, and their investment objectives and concerns.  With that information, we help our clients make smart investment decisions and keep them focussed on their intended path to a secure financial future.   We work closely with our clients using a consultative process to help them grow and protect their wealth with cost efficiency and reliability.

As a fully independent financial advisor, we are not restricted to any financial institution, product or service, and we work exclusively for the benefit of our clients.  This is a fiduciary (and legal) obligation, one that only independent advisors can and will provide.   The significance to clients is that they can be certain that their interest comes before our financial interest in any service that we provide. 

The philosophy that guides our investment management can be best described as " passive asset class portfolio investing",  a low-cost model of investing based not upon speculation but on the science of capital markets.  This is in contrast to the more common  "active management" approach in which traditional investment managers strive to beat the market by attempting to predict the direction of markets and the future performance of stocks and secutites, often futile and costly efforts.  We believe that investing  is a matter of identifying the financial risks that bear compensation and choosing how much of these risks to take.  In so doing, we use institutional mutual funds to build truly diversified investment portfolios to capture the financial returns provided by capital markets worldwide. 

We look forward to discussing with you how we can become your trusted financial advisor. 

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